NOC is a continuation of our long-standing R&D activities which has been marked by the following benchmarks:

The National Research and Education Network «Ariadne» (NREN ARIADNE) was established in 1984 at the General Secretat for Research and Innovation and in 1987 it was assinged to the National Center for Scientific Reasearch “Demokritos”.

It evolved into the current GRNET of EDYTE and was a founding member of the European Network Organization DANTE under the name “ariadnet”, was its National Shareholder until 2016 where it contributed to the creation of the new GEANT ASSOCIATION Organization.

The Ariadne-t network was responsible for the transfer of know-how to OTE which led to the creation of OTENET SA as a consortium (OTE, DIMOKRITOS, NTUA).


Contribution to the development of the Internet in Greece with activities such as:

  • Creation of the first public ISP
  • Creating infrastructure/staff for universities, public and business
  • Highlighting the Security Problem and Tackling It (Honeynet Research Alliance)
  • Collaboration with Universities, the European organization ENISA and HNDGS

Responsible for the evangelism and demonstration of advanced ICT technology through funded projects of the European Union and other resources.

  • Development and operation of ICT infrastructure of NCSR ‘D’
  • Organization of services in the Center
  • Support for Research Laboratories and the National Research & Technology Network
  • Creating executives through educational activities
  • Promotion, application and development of Open Source technologies
  • Founding member of the Open Technologies Organization together with 20+ Universities
  • Development of the Open Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) platform for Data Centers as well as an agile methodology for the Digital Transformation of Organizations based on the BPMN standard
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