This is one of the things we do best

In the context of our R&D lab and the thirst for Knowledge, new technologies are found and utilized that can be implemented in the existing infrastructure. With new technologies constantly appearing, our many years of experience in the industry make it easier to separate and select those technologies that can be a new arrow in our quiver. With the IT and Internet industry being the example for the need of Lifelong Learning, our team adapts accordingly and has the appropriate spaces for the evolution of our members and students in new technologies.

Shared Learning Path

Making learning systematic to solve a number of problems encountered in the long run with Internet and Operating System technologies

partnerships with universities

Open in collaborations with Universities as we share the same interest in further educating and offering internships in BSc students

learning object

Creating a learning object on the learning process during the internship/diploma internship by applying the principle of solidarity from the Free Software

open source

Along the promotion, application and development of Open Source technologies, being open source minded people we further advocate the recording and communication of Knowledge

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