November 2021

Presentation in Blackhat Europe 2021 from E. Vasilomanolakis, old NOC NCSRD member and our Honeynet Project activities.

Emmanouel Vasilomanolakis, old member of the NOC team, together with his team Shreyas Srinivasa and Abhimanyu Rawat, are presenting in the Blackhat Conference with title “RIoTPot: A Modular Hybrid-Interaction IoT/OT Honeypot


With attacks against Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) protocols increasing, we need proper defensive tools as well as methods for studying adversarial techniques. RIoTPot is a novel IoT/OT honeypot that is written in Go and moves beyond the traditional binary world of low vs. high interaction level. It achieves this via a modular architecture that allows for hybrid deployment of low-interaction along with high-interaction components (based on containerization techniques) as per users’ preferences. RIoTPot emulates a multitude of common IoT and OT protocols such as CoAP, MQTT, Modbus, Telnet, AMQP, SSH, HTTP and UPnP.

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