Emmanouil Vasilomanolakis, former NOC member and current Associate Professor at the DTU of Denmark, joins the Board of Directors at The Honeynet Project.
Konstantinos Magkos, former NOC executive and current Head of Training and Support Department in the Greek National Cybersecurity Authority, is keynote speaker in ENISA's “Cybersecurity Skills – Building a Cybersecurity Workforce” conference.
Presentation in Blackhat Europe 2021 from E. Vasilomanolakis, old NOC NCSRD member and our Honeynet Project activities
Renewal of our communication channel with the former member of the team of NOC NCSR D, Dr. Eleftherios Garifallidis, professor at the University of Indiana in America
E. Vasilomanolakis, Assistant Professor at the University of Aalborg (AAU) in Copenhagen, Denmark, chairs the Cyber Security ARES Conference.
Markos Gogoulos, former member of the laboratory, co-creator of the Open Source Media Content Management System MediaCMS.io
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